Church History

Charity Truth Tabernacle Church History
Charity Truth Tabernacle Church was organized under the direction and leadership of Elder
Wilfred Durrah, Jr., in September of 1986. The church started with twenty-five members. The
church had services at 30 Holly Road, Atlanta, Georgia, the home of our founder and pastor,
Elder Wilfred Durrah, Jr.  A month later, the church was incorporated on October 20, 1986,
and this serves as our official anniversary date.

In January of 1987, the church was relocated to 22 Howell Street, S.E., Atlanta, Georgia where
the Lord blessed both spiritually and naturally. Our church remained at this location until
December of 1988. We then moved to another location, 676 Fraser Street in Atlanta, we
remained there from January of 1989 to December of 1989. By early January of 1990, the
membership was stagnant and had declined. The church finances were low so this left the
majority of the financial responsibility upon Pastor Durrah. Due to financial difficulties, the
church was forced to move our Sunday Worship Service back into the home of our founder
and pastor.

Pastor Durrah began to pray and ask God for his will and guidance. Pastor Durrah wanted to
show people who were bounded up in sin that there is salvation through Jesus Christ.  Pastor
also shared his vision of a church investing in a community by providing employment through
small church businesses. He wanted to help the poor and feed the hungry. He began
searching for a community that would benefit from our church. In March of 1990, the Lord
ordered his steps to our present location, 420 New Jersey Avenue, N.W., Atlanta, Georgia. The
building was a condemned, burned-down shell without a roof. The church was without a
substantial bank account and no current credit. Pastor Durrah was instructed by the Lord to
search around from bank to bank and mortgage company to mortgage company to acquire a
loan. Through much prayer, faith, determination and God Almighty on his side, Plaza Mortgage
Company loaned him enough money to purchase the building and to start construction on it.
The servants that labored to construct the building were: Bishop Wilfred Durrah, Jr., Elder
Herbert Crawford, the late Deacon Wilfred Durrah, Sr., Bro. Wilfred Durrah, III, Bro. Taurus
Durrah and First Lady Bonita Durrah. The building was completed in May of 1991.

As the Lord sent souls to the ministry and the membership grew, there was a need to expand
our edifice. In May of 1995, the building next door, 414 New Jersey Avenue, was purchased,
renovated and connected with a hallway to the 420 New Jersey Avenue building. The 414 New
Jersey Avenue property, provided us with two restrooms, a kitchen, a pastor’s study with a
restroom, and a fellowship hall. In February of 2000, we renovated the church totally by
connecting the two buildings together under one roof, this is where we presently worship. In
the year 2007, we purchased the lot next to our church and added a paved parking lot.

God has blessed us with a Board of Directors, Deacon Board, Missionary Board, Mother
Board, four choirs, Usher Board, Pastor’s Aide Committee, two secretaries, Courtesy Guild,
Greeters Guild, Men’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, Sunday School
Superintendent, seven Sunday School Teachers, and a growing Sunday School.
Through this ministry God has enabled us to provide the following services to the community:

o Feed the Hungry Outreach
o Rehabilitate and prevent individuals bounded by various addictions caused by sin
o Parenting Seminars for Single Parents
o Seminars on: How to obtain profitable employment
o Seminars on: Finances
o Seminars on: Health Awareness
o Sunday Breakfast Program

Our mission is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all people. Our vision is to create
businesses through the church and to provide jobs to church members and the community
through these church businesses. For we believe, that we can do all things through Christ
that strengthens us.
Charity Truth Tabernacle
United Church of God in Christ
Bishop Wilfred Durrah Jr. - Pastor
                                                 "For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved."  Romans 10:13
urrah Jr.